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E-MOTION - Nominee Cosmic Angel 2015 - Trailer Deutsch

E-MOTION - Nominee Cosmic Angel 2015 - Trailer Deutsch

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About Sami

My background...My story

Hi my name is “Sami Fakhreddine”, I was born in Beirut-Lebanon, my father is Lebanese and my mother Swiss. I am blessed and grateful that I was born into this family. I was the youngest of 4 children, have two older sisters and an older brother. Having had a beautiful childhood growing up by the beach in “Tyre” south of Lebanon.


But it was marked by war. War broke out in 1975, I was 2 years old. Terror and fear spread and things got worse with time, so in 1986 we fled and moved to Zurich-Switzerland, I was 12 years old. We were very lucky that no one in the family was harmed and having a Swiss mum made immigration to Switzerland easy.  Life in Switzerland was peaceful, but my mother had health issues and my father couldn’t find work as a doctor because he was close to retirement. That brought a lot of anxiety and worry to us.

My puberty wasn’t easy, I got severe acne with the age of 14 and it broke my self-image, and the reason that it broke out that I found out when I was healing my past was that "I wasn't good enough" for my dad and I also had bad marks at school, so I was down grated to a lower level. At 17 I got beaten up by a couple of guys who had pleasure beating others up and that took away my self-confidence and self-worth. Regarding my mum I was always positive that she would make it because she was strong. But unfortunately her health got worse, she had to stop working and go to hospital. After spending Christmas Eve together in 1995, she passed away and left a big hole in our hearts.

I was 22, I finished my apprenticeship as a toolmaker a year before and worked a year to save money to go travel the world. With grief and sadness I left for my world trip and my first stop was Australia, then New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Island, Hawaii and California. I spend 9 month surfing and touring the world, and it gave me hope and will to continue to live.

Coming back to Switzerland, everything changed, my dad went back to Lebanon, our family home wasn’t there anymore, so I moved with my oldest sister. I felt lost, and I didn’t want to go back to tool making because it wasn’t my passion, so I was unemployed and looked for other options but couldn’t find a better one, so I went back to tool making. I stayed a couple of years in Switzerland, but Australia was calling me and my dream was to live there because the lifestyle was perfect for me. After the immigration process I moved to the Gold Coast in 2003 for 2 years. Since I love sport in general and fitness, I did my Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer certification with the Australian Institute of Fitness. After 2 years on the Gold Coast I decided to move to Sydney because I couldn't find work as a trainer and I had to work other jobs to survive. In Sydney, life was better, and I found a job as a trainer straightaway and I felt in the right place. With a lifelong interest in acting, I attended courses at the National Institute of Dramatic Art and began to go to castings. My passion for acting became bigger, so my dream was to go to America to become an actor. Before I left Australia, I became an Australian citizen. I lived in Sydney for 2 years.

Back to Switzerland my plan was to work for a year and go to the America, but life had a different plan for me. I moved to Geneva. At that time my father was very ill with cancer, so we brought him to Switzerland for treatment, but they couldn’t do anything for him, and he passed away, I was 34. After 1.5 years in Geneva I moved to Lausanne and stayed there for 2.5 years. I worked as a trainer and on the side I was building my acting career.

Finally, in 2011 I managed to go to the United States to do an acting course in New York and right after I went to Los Angeles to inquire about the acting business and quickly realized how difficult this business is, after 3 months I went back to Switzerland. I found another job as a trainer in Lausanne and kept working on my acting career.

In 2013, I got a scholarship at the acting school in L.A. and I was intended to go in June 2013, but my student visa didn’t come on time and I rescheduled the course to January 2014, but I couldn’t get the money together, and I tried everything in my power. So I lost my scholarship, I felt depressed and frustrated and having missed a huge opportunity to pursue an acting career. Having no job, no money, I was unemployed again.

Later I found out from students that the school was not serious at all, and they were scamming student! It was a huge relief for me and I thanked God for closing all doors for me, so I couldn’t go there and get scammed. After this event I lost the passion to pursue my acting career in America and I asked myself if I was doing it because of the love of acting or because I wanted to be a big Hollywood star? So that everyone admires and loves me because I didn't have enough self-love? And to be honest with myself, I was following my ego! And seeing the dark side of the acting business I was disgusted from it. So after 10 years of struggle to become an actor, my energy ran out, and I decided to stop.

During one of the darkest periods in my life I found the “Emotion Code and started to read and learn more about it. I moved back to Zurich at that time and I found a job as a trainer, so life was getting better. In 2014, I set myself new goals to work off my setbacks, so I decided to prepare the Half Ironman Rapperswil and Ironman Zurich and I successfully finished both in 2015. Working as a trainer no longer fulfilled me and also the fitness industry was badly paid, and I couldn’t see a future in it, and also I never felt I was the born trainer. Also, having a boss that made work a living hell pushed me to change my path. Losing motivation at work I got fired

It was summer 2015, and I knew a client from the gym that was the manager of a nearby swimming pool and I always wanted to be a lifeguard, so he hired me. While working as a lifeguard I was learning and implementing the Body Code. Seeing positive transformations in myself also seeing a future in natural healing, I decided to do the Emotion and Body Code certifications in 2016 and became the first male certified practitioner in Switzerland!

In 2017, things had to change, I wasn’t happy with my job also I felt Switzerland wasn’t the right country for me. I had a strong feeling I wasn’t fulfilling my potential. My vision was to have my own healing business. So I mustered up the courage and decided I would finish the summer season, quit my job, leave Switzerland, go travel again and settle down either in Australia or Portugal.

Now I have been living happily since 3 years in Portugal by the beach, running my own business as an Emotion & Body Code Practitioner. And I look forward to meeting, helping you on your healing journey and to manifest your dreams and desires.

finding the "Emotion Code"

At the end of 2013, I watched the documentary e-motion and absolutely loved it. I was so completely blown away by it and that’s the first time I came across Dr. Bradley Nelson, he stud out from all the others. I was drawn to him and what he was saying about trapped emotions and the emotional baggage, made so much sense, as though he was talking directly to me. I watched it once and but it to the side, after a couple of days I watched it again and, yet again, I was blown away, so I decided to get the Emotion Code book.

After reading the book I was eager to learn more, so I bought the Body Code System. I booked my first session with Dana Nelson, and we worked on money issues, and she also removed my Heart-Wall. I felt massive positive changes like: I felt relieved, liberated, taller, more energetic, needed less sleep, connected more with other people, like a barrier was taken away. Also, I felt more hope, self-confidence, determination and that was enough to convince me that this therapy is the right one for me. I had so much emotional baggage from the war, puberty, my parents having health problems and loosing them, as well as a general lack of abundance and struggling to find my path and doing over 20 professions to get where I am now. Also, where I found I had the biggest life challenges was in romantic relationships. I couldn't create a relationship and if I had one, it didn't last long and I wondered why. Could it be that I had so much pain and loss that I was afraid of getting too close? Was I afraid, I might get hurt by loss again? Of course, I was.

There’s a saying "Things happen for you not to you" The emotional challenges I had in my life made me who I am today, and they gave me the experience, wisdom, compassion and willingness to help people that experienced similar life challenges like me. So far, nothing has felt more rewarding to me than helping other people and I look forward to introducing to you the Emotion and Body Code therapy that changed my life, my clients lives and, I hope, yours. Warm regards and hear from you soon...


Sami Fakhreddine

Your Emotion & Body Code Expert

Hobbies and interests: Spirituality, Personal Development, Travel, Reading, Surfing, Functional Training, Running, Cycling, Yoga and Tennis.

Languages: English, German, Swiss-German, Arabic, French & Italian - Spanish: Basics - Portuguese: Learning in progress.

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Emotion & Body Code

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The Emotion & Body Code is one of the most Advanced Healing Systems in the World!

The Emotion Code technique was created by a chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson, who realized that his patients' aches and pains were emotional. Dr. Brad coined the phrase Trapped Emotions which are negative energies that become trapped in the body during stressful emotional events.

Because the body is made of pure energy, the negative energy of Trapped Emotions can exert a damaging force on the body, which usually worsens over time. Trapped emotions cause pain, emotional problems and all kinds of malfunction and disease.

The Emotion Code is non-invasive, totally safe and requires very little time and effort on your part.

Usually, trapped emotions become lodged in the body after birth, but these are also possible:​


The Emotion Code & Body Code uses questions and muscle testing to get information from the subconscious about a Trapped Emotion. Once it has been identified, it can be released using a combination of 2 important elements: the modern technology of therapeutic magnets and the Ancient principles of Chinese Medicine.

You can only

review what happened

not relieve it and

sharing your story

is optional

Most people say the Emotion & Body Code helps them feel lighter and more free, but we often see the immediate disappearance of major health and emotional issues too! Your results will depend on how quickly your body responds after they are removed. Releasing Trapped Emotions helps restore balance to the body- so your body's natural health. In my experience with Singles releasing just the Heart-Wall helped them to attract their Soulmate but in some cases it's wasn´t, that's why I encourage my clients the "Find Your Soulmate Program" to release more emotional baggage and subconscious blocks to succeed.

May you attract someone who's as aware, deep, passionate, soulful, sensual and spiritual as you. Someone who naturally makes you rise higher in love with yourself as you love them just as hard. Someone who wants to evolve with you, not only in this dimension but every level up. 

Go through


"Find Your Soulmate Program"

to attract your


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Is love possible again?

One of the best parts of the Emotion Code is removing the Heart-Wall. We estimate that 93% of the human population have a literal wall around the heart made of multiple layers of Trapped Emotional energy. A person can have multiple Heart-Walls, like the "Inner Child", "Absorbed", "Inherited" and other ones.

The Heart-Wall is created by the subconscious mind in order to protect the heart from grievous emotional injury, and it's a good thing we have this protective mechanism when we need it. The problem is that having a Heart-Wall long term is like living in a shelter! It's nice to have it's protection while you are going through hardships, but if you have it forever you'll end up disconnected, unfulfilled and stay Single. Have you ever felt this way? Have you felt blocked from giving and receiving love? Have you had much difficulty recovering from loss? A divorce? Abuse?

If so, it's likely you have a Heart-Wall. The good news is that clearing it is easy and can be life-changing! Don't wait any longer to get rid of your Heart-Wall and open your heart to feeling true, deep love & happiness again. A fun and beautiful life is just around the corner and if you are single your *chances to attract your Soulmate are up to 72% in just 1-2 sessions and up to 94% if you go through the "Find Your Soulmate Program"! *no guarantee

The first step is to contact me through the Contact Form or Book a Free 20min. Consultation and be ready to heal.

You can discuss the options with me to either tackle a specific issue, work on manifesting your soulmate, health or abundance.

Sessions can be done per Zoom from anywhere   in the World

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