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Searching For True Love

Searching for True Love? Find it with The Emotion Code

Are you stuck in a circular pattern of frustrating relationships? It is time to stop searching for true love and enable your entire being to receive positive emotions. Start Feeling Free is a local and online therapist that uses The Body Code and Emotion Code to help its clients break out of destructive patterns and restore true health to their body and mind. You will not be prescribed supplements or spend weeks in group therapy. After your first therapy session, you will feel the blocks surrounding your heart and emotions fall away.

Finally, Getting the Love You Want and Deserve

Whether you realize it or not, your body resonates with energy created by your emotions--not just the ones that you experience every day, but also the ones created by past traumatic experiences. The Emotion Code can release these trapped emotions, which can result in you finally getting the love you want and deserve. Those negative emotions will no longer signal your fragility to abusive people and instead create a circle of supportive individuals that match your positive resonance.

Disconnect Your Negative Energy and Attract Your Soulmate

Did you know that in many instances, you cannot find your soulmate because your body's negative energies are blocking your reception of a perfect match? After you release your Trapped Emotions, you become free to feel the true happiness that is part of your true self. Your soulmate will finally be able to experience that answering vibration that completes their being. It is all true!

If you are tired of meeting the same type of person that always leaves you heartbroken and angry, connect with Sami Fakhreddine at Start Feeling Free. Your initial consultation is free, and you will experience real relief after your first several sessions.

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