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How To Find Love Again

At Last Open Your Heart and Learn How to Find Love Again

Does it seem like you are just not capable of finding true love? Actually, with each disappointment in life, your heart becomes blocked by years of negative trapped emotions. At Start Feeling Free, I will help you rid your body of that destructive energy and teach your body how to find love again. This is not about using chemicals or talking it out in group therapy, but using the power and energy found within your body and the world around you to open new paths full of promise.

Love After Heartbreak is Possible!

Is love after heartbreak simply a myth? Whether you went through a bad breakup or simply have trouble sticking with a lover or friend, you can heal your heart. As a trained therapist in the discipline of The Body Code, Sami will help you release the Trapped Emotions that have created a Heart block. Once you free your body, your mind will begin to heal, and you will be able to accept the gift of love from those that are also free of pain and worry.

No Talk Therapy Sessions Needed

The Emotion Code uses your body's reaction to triggers in order to find the path toward health. You are not asked to divulge your secrets to a room of strangers or even Sami. Once he draws the negative emotions to the surface, you are able to release them through a quick magnetic treatment. It may take time to identify all the harmful experiences in your life that have triggered a negative emotional response and free them from your life.

Use the easy contact button to connect with Sami at Start Feeling Free. He will schedule your free initial consultation and create a plan to help you find love and happiness once again.

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