English: You Could Create Deep, True Love – Harnessing the Power of The Body Code. The "Singles Program" is a comprehensive Evaluation Form and Step-by-Step Session Guide that identifies exactly what you might need in order to end sabotage around relationships, so you can perform targeted energy healing using the "Body Code". You could finally create and nurture the relationships you really want! First step will remove your Heart-Wall. Second step will remove your negative blockages, limiting beliefs and old traumas so that your "Connection Mode", "Nurture Mode", "Goal Alignment" and "Allowance" need to be at 100% and "Resistance of being in a relationship needs to be 0% " so you create the right environment for love, attract, nurture and manifest soulful true love with your Soulmate. After finishing the "Singles Program" your chances to attract your Soul Mate are up to 94%!

Note: This pack is only a starter pack, it can take several sessions to go through this program, it all depends on how much blocks you have and how deep you want to work. Thank you for purchasing this package before the treatment. By purchasing my services, you agree to the Disclaimer, Privacy Polic