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Dear Blog Readers,

Hope you're all well and getting ahead in this pandemic and regaining your freedom.

Here are some updates from StartFeelingFree:

StartFeelingFree is more affordable!

I decided to drop down my prices to make it more affordable!

Check out the new prices here:

Abundance Program Most people struggle with money and one of the main reasons for divorce are "Finances"! Money is energy and one of the main reasons is that we have emotional baggage, blocks and negative beliefs stored in the subconscious mind from our childhood, adolescence or later on that hinder us from attracting money and abundance! I invite you to work on you blocks to attract money more easily and with less effort:

Healing is not a sprint, it's a journey!

I recognize that many of my clients start their healing journey and stop after a couple of sessions! It's like starting to read a book and stop reading after 2 chapters! If you want to achieve transformation, it takes more than a couple of sessions to be honest with you. To achieve your goals and desires you need persistence and perseverance!

Referral Program

Get a Free 60min. Session for every person you refer me to, that purchase a session or a pack from me :)

Spring Sale

To encourage you to start your healing journey, I'm offering you 10% OFF on all my Services!!! Use this Promo Code: SpringSale21

Sale Ends 9th June and you can use it only one time.

Start your healing Journey

You didn't start your healing journey yet? What are you waiting for?! I invite you to Book a Free 20min. Consultation:

Best wishes and hear from you soon,

Your Emotion and Body Code Expert

Sami Fakhreddine

p.s. Thank you for sharing this post with someone who can benefit from StartFeelingFree.

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