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Are you unhappy with your sex life?!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

New Launch of the "Blast Away Your Sex Blocks Package" -50€ till 11 Sep.!

Are you unhappy with your sex life?! When was the last time that you had amazing sexual energy exchange and intimacy with a partner?

Do you feel that your sex life sucks and could be way better?? You're not alone!

Would you like to know how to remove your sexual energy blocks so you will experience blissful sex?? I can help you!

Looking back at my sex life, it was super frustrating to be honest with you! I had some phases that were very good but they were short and I had long phases of just nothing, didn’t attract anything, it was like walking through a desert with no oasis in sight! I was Silvester All ALONE :) And it got worse with age! I didn’t know how to fix it! As a Body Code Expert and I worked a lot on myself removing emotional baggage from my past but actually never asked my subconscious mind what is blocking me to have sex?! And what is blocking my sexual energy?!

And when I asked how blocked I was, it was a 9 out of 10 severity! No wonder my sex life felt like a desert! So I started to remove all the emotional baggage and subconscious blocks and it took me 3 big sessions to remove it! And when I removed it…BAAANNG

It happened!!! Hallelujah...Finally!

It was a huge breakthrough for me and it was amazing to feel the sexual energy exchange again. So I worked more on my sexual energy that was 27% at the beginning!! After I worked on my sex blocks it went up to 77% (ok not bad but not enough) so I worked on it to become 100% and WAOW since then my sex life has changed completely! Won’t go into details :)

Now what about you?? Do you want to improve your sex life and remove your sexual energy blocks to have an amazing sex life?? I’m here to help you!

Book a free 20min. Consultation with me and I will remove 3 blocks from you so you can experience the Body Code Methode and if you like it will schedule a session.

Don’t wait any longer, a beautiful sex life is just around the corner.

Take Action NOW! Book Your Free Consultation here:

Sessions are online.

Your dreams will only come true if you take action!

Your Body Code Expert

Sami Fakhreddine

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