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Book a Free 30min. Session with StartFeelingFree and Start An Amazing 2022!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Dear Blog Readers,

I would like to wish you Happy New Year and all the best for 2022

I would like to invite you for a free 30min. session. With this free 30min session we will Jump Start your healing journey and introduce you to the Emotion Code & Body Code.

You can ask the questions you have and get consulting about how to attract your Soulmate or if you have other issues or requests we can look at it too and start your healing journey.

What my clients say: After a 13-year relationship and a burnout, I didn't feel well. I had doubts about everything, negative thoughts, etc. Sami then said to me, let's work on your Heart-Wall and I got involved. And I have to say that some things have changed afterwards,

I have become more open again and my positive charisma has returned. After a few months I got to know my current partner and we had our son, whom I am very proud of. At that time I would not have thought that it's possible. I am very grateful to you, dear Sami.

- Hello everyone, Although I am knowledgeable about energy work, I was not familiar with Sami. I met Sami as we attended a course together and during this time I learned Sami did Body Coding. I have been on a journey to heal myself for several years now. I scheduled a session with Sami to further my healing. Sami was kind, respectful and explained what I could expect during and after the sessions. He was so professional and I felt very at ease with him. There is something to be said about feeling safe and secure. My session was for my heart-wall, as I know all things begin with love and the open & willingness of it. Our session was so enlightening I obtained so much information about myself. As time passed,

I would have moments of recognizing the heart wall had been healed. I would realize I approached things differently or responded differently to a situation. I went in expecting to heal for a love relationship but as we all know the side effects give us much more than expected. I feel less resistance to criteria of romance, or business or well, all aspects truly. If I was an addictive personality, I could easily be with Body Coding. The investment in healing myself was well worth the funds and having the sessions with Sami was such a pleasant experience that I continue to schedule sessions for all areas singles & abundance programs. I am always searching to feel free with true happiness and Body Coding with Sami has surely put me on that path! I highly recommend Body Coding and Sami giving the session is truly an extra blessing. From my heart to yours, Pamela Katleba-Jenkin - I contacted Sami after doing a bit of research on BodyCode and got interested. I had psychological issues like trauma and depression, I thought they are because of I storehoused the emotions and feelings in my body. We worked together to remove my heartwall and few weeks after the three sessions a lot has happened. I met old friends and relatives I haven't seen for years and we had good time. I have been more energetic and happy and new opportunities in life has come in front of me. Sami's work really helped me. Sami is fully living the process while the emotions are released and he is an easy-going person and nice to talk with. I highly recommend to take a step towards your own healing and to try Sami's BodyCode service. I am happy that I found this! Tuomas T. Accept my invitation and book your free session now and make this year an amazing one:

Your Body Code Expert

Sami Fakhreddine

p.s. Feel free to send this mail to your family and friends that could help them.

This offer is only for people that never had a session with me.

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