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Do you feel that you are "not good enough"??

Do you feel you're not good enough? Do you feel that whatever you do you're just not good enough? Not smart enough? Not skilled enough?? Are you sick and tired of not being not good enough to yourself, your partner, your family and your work??? You're not alone!

What if I tell you that this belief of „not being good enough“ is anchored in your subconscious mind and that is affecting your behavior in all areas of your life??

Your work life, your love life and everything else?! The root cause comes from your childhood, adolescence or later on when you made the assumption that "you were not good enough!“ for your dad, your mother or anyone…and then thinking, feeling and believing it again and again got it anchored in your subconscious!! And now it‘s making your life harder as it should be!!

Looking back to my childhood, I wasn’t good enough for my dad and it started at age 7 and it affected me all my life and in all areas! And this and other not good enough beliefs made my life so much harder, I can tell you!! It felt like going against the stream!!! Now that I identified it and removed this "belief" and the other "not enough beliefs" it feels like

“I finally got the monkey off my back!”

Other "Not enough" Beliefs, do you resonate to one or more of these beliefs??

- I will never be enough - I am not liked enough - I am not loved enough - I am not worthy enough - I am not deserving enough - I don't deserve it enough - I am not certain enough - I am not confident enough - I'm not respected enough - I am not important enough - I am not intelligent enough - I am not qualified enough - I am not educated enough - I am not trusted enough - I am not appreciated enough - I am not known enough - I am not recognized enough - I am not acknowledged enough - I am not wealthy enough - I am not rich enough - I am not fast enough - I am not beautiful enough - I am not slim enough - I am not sexy enough - I am not safe enough - I am not healthy enough Add your own... If you resonate to one or more of these beliefs, most probably you have them positive in your subconscious and they should be negative. Remember your subconscious is 95% of your consciousness and it's affecting your behavior and if you have one or more of these beliefs anchored, it will make your life unecessarly hard in all areas of your life, no exception! Thinking positive is great but it's only 10% powerful! Saying affirmation is good too but if these affirmations are negative in your subconscious it won't really work!! I can help you identify and remove them...I invite you to Book a "Body Code Session" and I will tell you which one you have and remove them one by one! Don't wait any longer...Book Your Session TODAY! Click here to get "Your Monkey Off Your Back" and start thriving in all areas of your life:

"Your dreams will only come true if you take action!" Warm regards and hear from you soon... Your Body Code Expert

Sami Fakhreddine

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