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Do you have any FEARS that keep you awake at night? You're not alone!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Do you have any fears that keep you awake at night? Do you fear the current world situation? You're not alone!

One of the top "Peace killers" are our FEARS! Security, safety and survival fears are the first fears that get triggered when certainty is not provided. There are so many fears that hinder our peace, like existential fears, personal fears, professional fears, Money fears, love fears, relationship fears and the list goes on...

"Fear stops Flow" and is unhealthy! When outside negative circumstances trigger our fears from past traumas from childhood, adolescence and further on, they can take our inner peace away! Growing up as a child in Lebanon and experiencing 10 years of war traumatised me and when uncertainty is here it triggers my survival, security and safety fears! The "Body Code" helped me so much to overcome them, so I want to encourage you to heal your fears.

What are your fears? Are you aware of them? What triggers your fears??

I'm launching the "Blast Away Your Fears Package"! With this package we can work on any fears that you are currently experiencing, be they security fears, love fears, money fears or any that you wish to work on. Don't wait any longer, a beautiful more fearless life is just around the corner, BOOK Your Package "NOW"!

What are the benefits of healing your fears?

1. Less fear

2. Less anxiety

3. Less triggers

4. Less stress

5. Less worry

6. Better health

7. More flow

8. More happiness

For the launch I'm giving you -35% Off usually 199€, Now and until Sunday 23rd October 10pm WEST, it's only 129€ for 2x60min. 1-1 sessions! Do you want to keep your fears and go to bed with them so they will keep you awake at night or do you want to get rid of them? Book this offer NOW:

Need a Consultation? Book a FREE 20min. Consultation and I will remove 3 root causes that are causing your fear! Click HERE:

Session are online

Here is a great "Breathing Exercise" that you can do to have more inner peace and it's

goes like this: Start with calming down, getting centered, take 6 ritmic breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth, like you are blowing out of a straw and as you breathe in say:

  1. "I breathe in calmness"..."I breathe out fear"....

  2. "I breathe in calmness"..."I breathe out anxiety"....

  3. "I breathe in calmness"..."I breathe out stress"....

  4. "I breathe in calmness"..."I breathe out fear"....

  5. "I breathe in calmness"..."I breathe out anxiety"....

  6. "I breathe in calmness"..."I breathe out stress"....

You can do it as long as you like to gain inner peace again.

"Your dreams will only come true IF you take ACTION!"

Your Body Code Expert

Sami Fakhreddine

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