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Forward by Tony Robbins from the Emotion Code Book

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

These days, after a traumatic event or national tragedy, it’s not uncommon to see several energy medicine practitioners with proven track records helping individuals in-the-moment find ways to process and effectively heal. With this context in mind, my wife Sage and I had heard of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book The Emotion Code, but had not read it. People dear to us like my personal trainer Billy, and my dearest friend and right arm, Mary B., had each independently brought up The Emotion Code in conversation. By the third time this happened, Sage felt the nudge of intuition. Intrigued, she told me, “I think we are supposed to meet these people.”

I asked a staff member to reach out to Dr. Brad and see if we could meet. We hoped Brad and his wife Jean could make arrangements to come to Florida and visit with us at our home. We were delighted to hear that they were available; in fact, they jumped on a plane and arrived the next morning. We were curious to hear about the breakthrough work that Dr. Brad has been doing over the past thirty years in this field of energy medicine. Over the next hour or two, Brad and Jean graciously shared their story with us. They told us how they got into the healing arts in the first place, and how they trusted in grace from the very beginning, feeling called to serve mankind. They shared the arc of their mission together and their drive to make a loving, healing difference in the world. (And they are certainly doing just that.)

Brad and Jean also shared with us that some thirty years ago, they had purchased my cassette-tape program, Personal Power, from my old days of infomercials. They were in a tough spot at the time, so they listened to the thirty-day program and did the exercises and it helped to kick-start their healing outreach by way of their first chiropractic practice, as well as their own home within sixty days. I enjoyed hearing that I had already unknowingly played a part in their lives and that we had been connected from a distance all along.

In the clinical setting, Brad grew through dedicated study, modeling mentors, and his own spiritual practice of praying and asking for guidance before each patient’s visit. Brad became committed to focusing not just on the presenting symptoms, but also listening to that deep inner wisdom as a source of guidance to make a difference for people. I have spoken to many great doctors—those who create massive breakthroughs for people facing a variety of health conditions—and this is a common practice amongst them. (A valuable lesson to go beyond the limits of what the mind can tell you.) Sometimes patients who had very difficult and painful challenges came to see Dr. Brad, and he wasn’t sure what to do. It was at those times that he relied upon his higher power to guide him to the root causes of any disease.

What we really love about Dr. Brad is his drive to empower people to learn how to do more to heal themselves. I can relate to this because I am always on the hunt for what I call profound knowledge. What’s profound knowledge? To me it’s when you can learn something that’s so simple, you can apply it immediately to change your own life or someone else’s. These types of insights and tools become invaluable in creating a greater quality of life and are absolutely essential in the area of health and wellness where it is so important to personally take responsibility for your emotional and physical vitality.

With this deep purpose alive in his heart and guiding him along the way, Brad and Jean Nelson have quietly been traveling the earth teaching people how to clear the weight of their emotional past in order to heal themselves. Over the last thirty years he has trained thousands of certified Emotion Code practitioners worldwide who are available to work with those in need. I always say, complexity is the enemy of execution. It’s a beautiful thing when something is not only effective but it’s also simple to do, and easy to learn. It’s compelling to know that we can take what Dr. Brad has figured out and apply the principles to our lives today, from our own homes, and help not only ourselves, but our loved ones, too. According to Dr. Nelson, anyone can use the principles presented in this book, the only prerequisite is the willingness to learn.

Later that evening Dr. Brad and Jean invited us to experience their healing work firsthand. We weren’t really sure what to expect, but we were intrigued. After all, what did we have to lose but our emotional baggage? The couple like to work in tandem in discovering any imbalances in the body. It was amazing to see how quickly they could find energy disruptions from childhood events and conditioned family patterns. We were not surprised to see how everything in the body is affected by how we feel and think. What was a surprise, however, was to see how easily someone skilled at using the Emotion Code is able to accurately identify the stored energy of an old emotional trauma and release it in seconds. Recently, scientists have proven that traumatic memories are archived in the body and even shared with offspring. Since the Emotion Code relies on the subconscious mind for its information, even emotions that have been passed down through families can be detected and released.

The beauty of the Emotion Code process is that when a trapped emotion was uncovered, we didn’t have to relive anything—we didn’t even have to talk about it. Dr. Brad and Jean simply removed the emotional “charge” and cleared any energetic blockage. Sage and I feel such gratitude to have this healing method brought to light. We loved meeting Brad and Jean and are deeply appreciative of the time they shared with us. We recognized their light immediately and are grateful to call them dear friends.

The last four decades of my own life have been dedicated to helping people overcome their past impressions and limiting beliefs, and to increase emotional fitness. I am excited by the understandings the Emotion Code brings so that the pathway to personal growth, expanded identity, and an extraordinary quality of life is truly possible for anyone that desires to be free of the past and become more.

I believe that the discoveries in this book can change our understanding of how we store emotional experiences and in so doing, change our lives. The Emotion Code has already changed many lives around the world, and it is my hope that millions more will be led to use this simple tool to heal themselves and their loved ones. Sage and I are grateful for this dear couple for their work and loving kindness. We are very thankful for the Emotion Code. Thanks for bringing it to all of us! — Tony Robbins

Nelson, Bradley . The Emotion Code . St. Martin's Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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