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Get rid of your Despair Anchors!

You can't sail if your anchor is still on the bottom of the sea!

One of the major subconscious blocks we have are despair anchors. A despair anchor is the energy of a negative statement that is perceived as a truth by the subconscious mind.

- The subconscious, being a computer, which will seek to verify or fulfill that direction, or that "truth." - These are usually created from severe or repetitive negative thought patterns, and are often related to feelings such as despair, self-abuse, resentment and shame. - Like most negative trapped energies, these can effect one externally, but the effect is mostly internal. They may influence your emotions, self-image and create future negative thought patterns, creating a vicious cycle of negative energy.

Here are some of my Despair Anchors that I released on myself: "l'll be rejected" age 23, I was unemployed! "I'm ugly" age 3x14/15, I had acne with 14 and I found myself ugly! "I'm a fool" age 2x24, my girlfriend fell in love with another guy! "I'm not good enough" age 3x14, had to go to a lower level in school because my marks were bad! "I am worthless" age 3x23/33/43, I was unemployed! "I am not safe" age 3x7/8/9, war in Lebanon! "I always get rejected" age 33, unemployed! "I'm powerless" age 17, I was beaten up from a couple of guys! "I'm not enough" age 23, I was unemployed!

As you can read, having these despair anchors anchored in your subconscious mind is fatal to your self-image, to your success and to manifest your dreams and desires!!!

Removing them is easy with the Body Code! I invite you for a Free 20min. Consultation and I will help you remove 2 despair anchors, go to

Sessions are online. Talk to you soon..

Your Emotion and Body Code Expert

Sami Fakhreddine

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