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July Newsletter + Summer Sale - 20% for only 48h till 1st July!

Dear Blog Readers,

Hope you are doing well.

In this month's Newsletter I want to inform you about Resistance & Allowance.

What is Resistance? Have you ever known exactly what to do, yet couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

Or perhaps, you did take action only to fizzle out down the road and have it be a stop-go effort until you gave up.

The main culprit is RESISTANCE.

It is the reason why many of us do not achieve our goals whether it is to do with health, wealth or relationships. Left unaddressed, resistance is like trying to drive a car with the handbrake on. You might get it moving but you are guaranteed to get nowhere fast.

What is the purpose of Resistance? Resistance is primarily subconscious. Similar to a program in an operating system, resistance is a program that we have put in place to keep in place all other programs. It is designed to keep us safe and survive, however it has long outlasted its usefulness and no longer serves our highest and best good.

How to identify Resistance? Sometimes, it is really clear that we’re experiencing resistance. We might even say: “I have a lot of resistance about doing this”. Often however, resistance is more subtle and it even sometimes masquerades as well-meaning. But remember, the end goal of resistance is always to keep us stuck, to prevent us from moving forward and achieving our goals.

There is 3 different types of Resistance:

  1. Resistance to "Doing" Exercise, Eating Healthy, Succeeding, Starting your own Business, Growing your Business, add your own.

  2. Resistance to "Being" In a Relationship, Successful, Abundant, A Winner, Prosperous, Healthy, Seen, add your own.

  3. Resistance to "Feeling" Hurt, Loved, Appreciated, Successful, Abandoned, add your own.

How to clear Resistance? Resistance is easy to release with the "Body Code". Let's say you want to work on your Resistance to "Being" In a Relationship and it's 37%. I ask your subconscious mind and navigate through the Body Code System and release the root causes till your Resistance is 0% and it's cleared. Allowing The opposite to Resistance is Allowance, Are you Allowing Health, Love, Abundance and Happiness into your life?? Same thing, I ask how much your Allowing is from 1-100% and release the root causes that are hindering your Allowing so it's 100%. Are you ready to release your Resistance and maximise your Allowance to manifest your dreams and desires?? Grab this - 20% Summer Sale on all 60min. Packages!! Hurry Sale is only valid for 48h!! Sale ends 1st. July 10pm West - Portugal Time. Visit StartFeelingFree Shop Now: Are you still resisting to book a Free Consultation and find out how the Body Code System can help you? Here is my Invitation: Release your Resistance and Allow me to help you achieve your dreams and desires. Your Body Code Expert

Sami Fakhreddine

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