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Release Limiting Beliefs to Attract your Soulmate

Do you long for your Soulmate but you feel you are unlucky? Do you have the feeling that the Universe is just not listening to your wishes and desires?

The Universe wants you to have love but if you think and belief that „Nothing works out for me“ or „I would like to have a loving relationship but it doesn’t work for me“ love won’t come to you!!

It’s because your thoughts and beliefs that you thought and believed over and over again and they become anchored as a programming in your subconscious and it’s sabotaging you love life!

Your response to your past experiences created positive beliefs and negative beliefs in your subconscious. Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy.

The positive beliefs need to be positive for example „I deserve to have love“,

„I am lovable“ etc. if they are negative we need to turn them into positive.

The negative beliefs are the ones you need to remove from your subconscious and here are some beliefs that are preventing you from attracting love and your Soulmate:

- I‘m not lovable

- No one will find me attractive or love me

- I don’t deserve to be loved

- They will find out the „truth“ about me and leave me

- Love hurts

- Relationships are hard, you have to work hard at them to make them work

- I‘m too fat, I have to lose weight first

- All the good men/women are taken

- If I leave him/her, I might not find anyone else

- It’s impossible to meet anyone decent these days

If you have this negative beliefs, it will be super difficult to attract your Soulmate!

Beliefs influence your potential, potential influences your actions and actions influence your results! If you’re single for years or your love life is not happening for you, you definitely have limiting beliefs!

If you always do what you always done you’ll always get what you always gotten!

Break free from your limiting beliefs that are holding you from attracting your Soulmate..

“Your dreams will only come true if you take action”

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