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Healing With Body Code Therapy

Fast and Effective Healing with Body Code Therapy

Your doctor has prescribed every pain reliever and anti-depressant on the market, and you still struggle with depression and aches. Start Feeling Free gives you one more option to add to your treatment regimen by healing with Body Code Therapy. By identifying the source of the trauma that caused your chronic pain, you can begin to release its hold on your focus and energy. Finally, you can find relief without adding another pill to your morning routine.

Release Trapped Emotions and Find Your Future

We are bombarded every day by images and words that we associate with past negative experiences. Each time that you encounter a trigger, your body reinforces the negative feeling by compounding the aches associated with tension and anxiety. Body Code Therapy works to release trapped emotions so that your body can stop overreacting to innocent stimuli found in your everyday world. Now, your body and mind will be able to focus on new goals when you no longer are trapped by pain.

Work Face-to-Face or via Skype or Email

This unique therapy does not require extensive and expensive medical tests or weekly meetings with a group. You can meet up with Body Code guru Sami in person or over the internet. He has been trained to identify the signs associated with a triggered emotion. When he zeros in on the cause of your physical reaction, he will help you to release the trigger. Many clients find relief after their first session.

Simply click to connect with Sami at Start Feeling Free. He will set up a virtual or real-life free consultation where you can both decide if Body Code therapy is right for you.

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