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How To Find Love After Divorce

Sami Knows How to Find Love After Divorce

You are not alone, and you are not meant to be alone, even if that is the way that you feel after living through a divorce. At Start Feeling Free, Body Code therapist Sami Fakhreddine can help you find your path past the fear and anxiety left behind by a failed relationship. Working with you on a personal basis, he can show you that there is a future filled with confidence and love. It can take as little as one session or several months to learn how to find love after divorce, but you will.

Learn How to Find Your Soulmate when You Release Trapped Emotions

When your body and mind are filled with the uncertainties of life, you are not open to connect with somebody else that shares your energy. With the Emotion Code, you will discover how to find your soulmate while restoring your physical and mental health. The trauma of divorce can leave many physical manifestations behind from pain, headaches, high blood pressure, and a general state of unease. Once you release your Trapped Emotions, you will be able to focus on finding love instead of your aching body.

Resolving Personal Challenges in Person or using Remote Technology

While Sami works best when he can sit beside you during therapy, he is also able to tackle many problems using remote technology, Stay at home in the relaxing environment of your living room, and connect via Skype. He can also provide support using email. The healing process does not require you to tell all your secrets, but only answer questions honestly with a short response. When your trapped emotions are triggered, they can be released, and you will be free.

Simply click or call to schedule your first consultation with Start Feeling Free today.

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